NGC6960 | Western Veil and Pickering's Triangle nebula (H-alpha / OIII)

Astronomy Travel and Adventures

Please enjoy my favorite images made during vacation on dark sky locations. They are organized into galleries by year. Most recently at the top.

2011 | Namibia

In 2011 I went to Namibia with friends from the Dutch Meteor Society (DMS) to observe the Southern delta Aquariids (SDA) and alpha Capricornids (CAP) meteor showers. Both meteor showers are best seen from southern tropics. North of the equator the radiant is located lower in the southern sky and therefore rates are less than seen from further south. With new moon on July 30, 2011 and shower peaks between July 26-30, the year 2011 was perfect to observe these meteor showers and get acquainted with the southern night sky for the first time. All in all, the trip to Namibia was an unforgettable experience. In addition to observing meteors, during this two-week trip we have also seen a lot of the landscape and touristic highlights of Namibia and I also photographed deep sky objects during one of the nights.

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