NGC6960 | Western Veil and Pickering's Triangle nebula (H-alpha / OIII)

About me

My personal backgrond in astronomy

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Astronomy since 2002

Living in Borne (The Netherlands), I have been interested in the world of astronomy since spring 2002. In that year I bought my first telescope and I started observing the night sky. In 2003 I also became a volunteer at the Cosmos Observatory in Lattrop and I started with observing meteors with friends. In the years that followed I saw a great number of meteors and made scientific observations for the International Meteor Organisation (IMO). To observe meteors I traveled all over the world to places like southern France, Spain, Portugal and even Namibia.

But while observing meteors often took priority, a telescope and camera never disappeared from view. To make photos of deepsky objects in the night sky as well as special phenomena such as a lunar eclipse, the appearance of a bright comet or a meteor shower draw my specific attention.

The love for astrophotography

Since 2019, after an investment in new telescope equipment, I completely picked up the love for astrophotography again. The fact that you are less bound by the date in this part of astronomy, as you are when observing meteor showers, made the disappointments because of cloudy wheater disappear and I enjoyed the moments with clear sky's even more.

My goal is to improve previously made pictures as much as possible with the help of camera, telephoto lens and telescope equipment. To capture the beauty of celestial objects is a beautiful hobby that I enjoy very much, especially with friends. On this website you can find my photos of the past years.

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